High-rise buildings

In line with global trends towards higher-density planning and development the number of tall buildings being built in Australia has risen dramatically over the last couple of years, with Melbourne gaining the highest proportion.

The majority are mixed-use schemes incorporating a blend of residential, hospitality, leisure, office or retail components.  Such mixes provide more sustainable outcomes than the single-use towers characteristic of previous decades.

Ark Resources has been at the forefront of this sector in Australia.  Through our in-depth understanding of emerging local and international market demands in this sector, Ark Resources has been instrumental in helping deliver dozens of landmark towers, many ground-breaking in terms of their sustainability attributes.

Our services typically commence from the earliest stages of site acquisition, masterplanning and planning application/ arbitration through to detailed design, construction, certification and post-occupation roles.

Tall buildings (i.e. over 100 metres, or roughly 30 storeys) benefiting from Ark Resources input to date include: