NABERS Commitment Agreements

We are extremely familiar with the delivery of high performance NABERS Commitment Agreements and the associated Independent Design Review process.

NABERS Commitment Agreement

NABERS Commitment Agreements allow property developers and owners to promote the target energy and associated greenhouse performance of their building project.

In simple terms a Commitment Agreement is a contract which is signed by the developer or owner to commit to design, build and commission the building to achieve a specific NABERS energy rating.

Who can get a Commitment Agreement?

Commitment Agreements are currently available for offices, hotels, shopping centres, data centres and apartment buildings.

The Commitment Agreement process

The process involved in obtaining a NABERS Commitment Agreement is as follows:

  • Obtain and sign the Commitment Agreement contract
  • Design, document and model the building or space in alignment with your target rating
  • Obtain and submit an Independent Design Review report
  • Get a NABERS Energy performance rating once the project is in operation

What are the benefits of NABERS Commitment Agreements?

The benefits of signing a NABERS Commitment Agreement are significant and include:

  • Increasing the capital value of the building or space
  • Reduction in operational energy costs from the outset
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Attracting tenants who prefer to occupy high efficiency buildings
  • Increases the likelihood that you will achieve your build quality and operational performance goals
  • Highly respected process (the Independent Design Review) to highlight potential risks
  • May assist you in compliance with the National Construction Code
Source: NABERS website
Source: NABERS website

NABERS Energy Ratings

If you are interested in obtaining NABERS Energy certification for your building or tenancy, we can help.

NABERS-Logo-Accredited Assessor

What is NABERS?

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) provides simple and reliable measurement of your building’s or tenancies sustainability performance and assists in identifying areas for potential savings and improvements.

NABERS provides a rating from 1 to 6 stars, to help building owners and tenants understand and benchmark the their building’s and/or tenancy’s performance against other similar buildings.

Ratings are valid for 12 months, which helps to ensure that they are representative of current operational performance.

Why are these ratings important?

The built environment is responsible for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions and is by extension a significant contributor to climate change.

Building and maintaining more environmentally friendly buildings is good for your bottom line, staff and clients and most important of all, the planet.

What are the benefits of obtaining a NABERS rating?

In addition to forming the basis of robust sustainability strategies, NABERS ratings can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Provides a fair benchmarking mechanism
  • Ensures a high level of trust in relation to sustainability performance claims
  • Acts as a basis for the tracking and improvement of performance over time
  • Provides you a competitive edge when attracting potential buyers and tenants
Source: NABERS website
Source: NABERS website