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What makes us different?

Ark Resources doesn’t just “do” Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). It’s a genuine passion for the entire team, collectively driven by a desire to educate and challenge beliefs around what ESD is (and sometimes, what it isn’t!).

Our projects show proactive consideration of the impacts of climate change and adds genuine value to all building and construction projects. This is why we’ve been providing innovative and cost-effective ESD solutions to valued clients for over 20 years.

It is crucial to engage professional and experienced ESD advice at all stages of the building and construction process – from commencement to completion.

We demystify and challenge misconceptions about ESD

There are many misconceptions about Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and how it will impact a project. Often the biggest misconception is cost, closely followed by the impact on design.

We have worked on a multitude of large-scale developments and have implemented cutting-edge technologies to help deliver sustainable outcomes for our clients – resulting in high efficiency (leading to cost savings in the future) and amazing project outcomes.

Engaging an experienced and knowledgeable ESD consultant during the planning stage of your development is crucial, as informative and accurate advice will result in an efficient process and a well-rounded development once completed.

We practice what we preach!

Ark Resources is proud to have achieved Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification.

The Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard is a voluntary standard to manage greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. It provides best-practice guidance on how to measure, reduce and report on organisational emissions.

Our team acknowledges our impact on the environment and the greenhouse gases we produce as a result of our operations. To counteract this, we have implemented changes, invested in offset projects and incorporated the latest technologies to ensure we are reducing our impact.

To futher demonstrate our commitment to tackling the climate crisis head-on, we have become a CitySwitch Green Office signatory, taken Victoria’s TAKE2 Climate Change Pledge and along with other engineers have declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.


We’re always interested in hearing from talented individuals who’d like to join our team – please contact us if you believe you can make a difference.

Our Team

Jan TalackoDirector

Jan Talacko established Ark Resources in 1999 when ESD was still in its infancy as a concept.
He has led numerous reviews of environmental performance of development projects for clients in both the private and public sectors and is thoroughly familiar with ESD outcomes from all types of building and development projects.

He regularly appears as an expert ESD witness on sustainable design issues at VCAT and Planning Panels.

 Margaret Turner
Senior WSUD/ESD Engineer

David Canciello
Senior Thermal Performance Assessor

Leonie Dixon GM/Senior ESD Advisor

Alistair Forster
Senior ESD Engineer

Daniel O’Loughlin
Senior ESD Engineer

Helen Maas

ESD Advisor

 Felipe Alves De Paula
Green Star/ESD Engineer

 Charlie Hosking
Accounts & Administration